Swag Achievement Unlocked! DING!


What makes a manic Monday full of happiness? SWAG! That’s right, my buttons arrived last night. Somehow having buttons makes it all seem more real, more legit. It shouldn’t. Just having the published book should do it, but there is something about having swag that makes it all the more tangible. And I really, really love my buttons. *squee* I have bookmarks and postcards en route, too. This year at RT not only will I be a published author, but I’ll have swag. So if you are heading to Dallas, track me down and get pinned!

Muh buttons

Seriously. Freaking. Out.

Also, Isolde’s Fire is now available in paperback for those who wanna go old school. I’ll be having a giveaway soon on Goodreads for a signed copy so stay tuned.

Now, I’m off! Must get some more words on the page before the imps awaken!

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